Battery Maintenance

Aircraft Battery Maintenance & Charging

Aircraft Battery Maintenance & Charging Why do maintenance at all? The simple answer is that we do maintenance to preserve the usefulness and performance of the battery. Like other aircraft…

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Nickel-Cadmium battery

Aircraft Battery

Aircraft Battery A battery is a device containing one or more cells that convert chemical energy directly into electrical  energy. Basics of Battery A battery consists of one or more…

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AC voltage regulator (AC to AC converter)

AC voltage regulator (AC to AC converter) AC voltage regulator(controller)  is a device which is convert fixed Alternating voltage to variable Alternating voltage without changing frequency. There are Two types of…

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Cycloconverter (frequency changer)

Cycloconverter (frequency changer) Cycloconverter is a device which is convert ac to ac with variable frequency. It also known as frequency changer. It is convert ac one power frequency to…

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Chopper (DC to DC Converter)

Chopper                    Chopper is a converter which is convert fixed DC to variable DC voltage . When output voltage is less then the input…

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