Mutual Induction





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                 Mutual induction is Define as When two coil are placed together and passed current through the one coil which is produce the magnetic flux that flux link with another coil. Hence that flux produced the EMF in another coil.


Fig:- mutual-induction

              Consider two coils are placed together as shown in figure. When current is passed through the primary coil, magnetic flux is produced. This magnetic flux is link with the secondary coil. If the current is change by varying the resistance in the primary circuit using tapping, the magnetic flux also change. As this changing flux is link with the secondary coil, that changing flux is induces an EMF(Electro Motive Force) in secondary coil. This phenomenon of inducing EMF in a coil by changing current in another coil is known as mutual induction.


If two coil of conducting wire are keep into close proximity with each other then the magnetic flux of one coil is link with the other coil. As a result of generated EMF in other coil that phenomenon known as the mutual inductance.


Transformer is also work on this principle of mutual inductance.

Fig: principle of Transformer


                 A transformer is work on  mutual inductance between two circuits which is linked by a common magnetic flux. A basic transformer consists of two coils primary and secondary winding that are electrically separate and inductive, but are magnetically linked through a path of reluctance. When AC supply is given to the primary winding magnetic flux that flux is link with secondary winding and EMF is produce in it.

Mutual inductance is that one magnetic field is interacts with another magnetic field. The transformer, motors, generators and any other electrical equipment is work on the principle if mutual inductance.

Mutual induction is that the current flowing in one coil or winding that induce a voltage in an another coil.


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