Magnetic Oil Level gauge or MOG in Power Transformer


Magnetic Oil Level gauge or MOG in Power Transformer

The Magnetic Oil Level gauge (MOG) is a device by which we can supervise the level of liquid or oil inside the conservator of power transformer and also provide us an alert for low oil level indication with making mercury switch. It is connected at the bottom of the conservator tank which is shown in figure.

Construction and Working of MOG:

This Magnetic Oil Gauge or MOG is composed of a disc indicator (or a red pointer) behind a dial frame and a float linked to said indicator by means of a magnetic field of force. The dial of this device has scale from empty to full. It has some intermediate divisions such as 1/4, 1/2, 3/4. The prescribed oil level at either 35°C or 40°C ambient temperature may also be indicated on the dial depending upon the design of MOG.

In some design of MOG, the indicator disc is for one half enamelled white and, for the other half, red. Alternatively the colour proportion visible through the dial glass indicates the respective level position, while the dial face is marked at minimum and maximum oil level and at level corresponding to 20°C and 85°C.

The float of Magnetic Oil Gauge, changes its position as the level of oil in conservator changes. Because of the change in the position of float, the gear and pinion also moves which in turn produces a movement in the connected Driving Magnet.

Because of  this change in position of Driving Magnet, the magnetic field distribution changes which forces the driven magnet to change its position and hence a movement in the pointer of MOG results.

Note that this driving magnet of MOG instrument remains inside the conservator and driven magnet remain outside the tank and directly connected to the pointer of the Magnetic Oil Gauge or MOG

The gauge may be provided with one, two or four microswitches for signaling of minimum and/or and maximum oil level in the control room.