Energy Stored by Inductors ?


Energy stored by Inductors

Energy is not dissipated but stored in reactive elements capacitor and inductor. It depends on the steady state condition. Final voltage across the capacitor and final current established in an inductor. so, Energy stored by Inductors explained below,

Inductance (L) results from the magnetic field forming around a current-carrying conductor which tends to resist changes in the current. Electric current through the conductor creates a magnetic flux proportional to the current.

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energy stored by capacitor and inductor

A change in this current creates a corresponding change in magnetic flux which, in turn, by Faraday’s Law generates an electromotive force (EMF) that opposes this change in current.

Inductance is a measure of the amount of EMF generated per unit change in current. For example, an inductor with an inductance of 1 henry produces an EMF of 1 volt when the current through the inductor changes at the rate of 1 ampere per second. The number of loops, the size of each loop, and the material it is wrapped around all affect the inductance.

Hence Stored energy,

Estored = 0.5 * L * I^2 

where L is inductance and I is the current through the inductor.
This relationship is only valid for linear (non-saturated) regions of the magnetic flux linkage and current relationship.

The energy (measured in joules, in SI) stored by an inductor is equal to the amount of work required to establish the current through the inductor, and therefore the magnetic field.


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