Electrical Projects

Electrical Projects for Engineering Students

Process in which all aspects of a proposed project are explored to examine the relationship between activities, events, duration, and costs. Areas of uncertainty or conflict are identified, and possible alternatives or trade-offs are developed to strike a satisfactory balance. We know that the electrical projects are used in many cases in our real life and they expects more power. Electrical idea provides innovative electronics as well as software and micro-controller based self-learning kits for engineers, researchers, students. These all projects ideas are collected from different resources and published here for visitors convenience. The project ideas are shown below-

Electrical Projects list

  1. IR Based Remote Control System For Home Appliances.

The main aim of conducting this project is to control a maximum of eight electrical appliances by just using a TV remote. Normal IR circuits can switch only one device. But using this circuit, different devices can be controlled using same remote with different switches. These devices are switched using remote keypad -1 to 8. AT89C2051 microcontroller is used to control the inputs and outputs.

  1. Overhead Line Conductor Fault Detector.

fault sensor device which can detect and distinguish abnormal current and voltage events on an alternating current overhead and underground power transmission or distribution line. The abnormal current events are a momentary outage, sustained outage, normal overload, and inrush on transmission or distribution lines. The sensor can further distinguish whether the momentary or sustained fault is a line to ground fault, a line to line fault or a three-phase faults. It can also identify the faulted phase. The device can also be remotely programmed and reprogrammed to alter its trigger or threshold level or time delay to reset the device when a fault has occurred.

  1. Speed Control Of D.C. Motor Using Microcontroller with IR module

we can control the speed of the d.c motor with high efficiency and the direction of the motor can also be controlled with this. A micro-controller is used in many industries for “speed control of D.C motor & stepper motor”. RF modem used for applications that need two-way wireless data transmission.

  1. Solar fencing and Preventing System

the solar fencing, which helps farmers to avoid their crop damage usually occurs due to animals. Solar energy used to power up the fence through shock generation circuit. The system has provision for on/off the solar fence according to farmers wish. Produce electric energy by Using Solar Energy from the sun, instead of giving the direct A.C. supply from the domestic supply line. Using the Electricity generated by nonrenewable sources, we had used the renewable source. very efficient as other appliances can also be run on it. So in this way along with a solar electric fence to prevent crop damage, a wide range of application can be fulfilled.

5. Simulation And Speed Control Of Induction Motor Drives

methods of speed control of an induction such as pole changing, frequency variation, variable rotor resistance, variable stator voltage, constant V/f control, slip recovery method etc. The V/f ratio is kept constant which in turn maintains the magnetizing flux constant so that the maximum torque remains unchanged. starting of an induction motor, the stator resistance, and the motor inductance must be kept low to reduce the steady state time and also to reduce the jerks during starting. On the other hand, a higher value of rotor resistance leads to lesser jerks while having no effect on the steady-state time.The vector control analysis of an induction motor allows the decoupled analysis where the torque and the flux components can be independently controlled. This makes the analysis easier than the per phase equivalent circuit.

6. Design Kit For 1-Phase Universal Protection Of Electrical Appliances

To provide a universal protection for 1-phase electrical appliances in which we are going to make faults. The basic idea for the development of this project is to provide safety to the electrical appliances. If any parameter exceeds during operation to the threshold value, appliance stops immediately. The system uses a 1-phase power supply where rectifier and voltage regulator IC use for providing a supply to controller IC. A relay is used for switching purpose. By providing a protection like over/under voltage, overload, over/under frequency, temperature, and short circuit. Further the project can be enhanced by using current sensors for overload protection, voltage sensor and temperature sensor. We will use Arduino controller for which individual power circuit is to be designed.